How to Wear a Henley and Not Look Like a Bachelorette Contestant

Tim Tebow, the football player, henleys Unsigned free agent, and also the coming sponsor of the Fox series Home Free, seen Extra yesterday in Hollywood. His ensemble was standard athlete-off-duty cuisine and looked much like the apparel of every man with this season’s The Bachelorette (jeans, shoes, and also some muscle-enhancing [browse: tight] Henley or baseball ).

A Henley could be significant. Women seemingly can not get enough of Guys from the throwback-silhouette top notch. To make sure, it is the fabric. It looks worn, stubby, and so we imagine, supersoft –however, it is utter. Sheer in this manner which we’re able to view Tebow’s mic cable through his t-shirt, meaning there exists a fantastic chance you are going to have the ability to observe his brow, too.

And that, whether It May get you to focus out of a Real Life Bachelorette or 2 isn’t up there in our set of killer swerves. Tebow could have Spared this case by going for a top at a darker and more neutral color, Or by stripping it out for you in a milder fabric. Look, in case you are as ripped as Tebow, that you never have to have on the hottest shirt around Earth. We believe he had to Look better at an easy, fitted although not overly tight white shirt in Regards.

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