Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla – Comparison Report

Honda is near launching the tenth production civic vs corolla since the launching was scheduled on March 7 and reservations, have begun over the nation for the first token of Rs. 31,000. Having received an international facelift late last season, the new Civic may be the lightest one of the three sedans in its own come back into India.

This time around, the Civic also receives a diesel engine also comes pretty filled with features. Here’s just a contrast of this brand new sedan using its most prestigious competitions. New Honda Civic compared to Toyota Corolla Altis compared to Hyundai Elantra — Engine, Specs the brand latest Honda Civic includes two engine options — including 1.8-liter gasoline and 1.6-liter petrol.

The brand new Honda Civic includes two engine choices — 1.8-liter gasoline and 1.6-liter petrol. In Contrast, the Hyundai Elantra is fitted using a 2.0-liter gasoline engine which produces 150 PS and 196 Nm.

The Toyota Corolla Altis includes a 1.8-liter gasoline engine. Nonetheless, it produces 140 PS and also 170 Nm. The gas version of this Civic is going to be available just with a CVT automatic gearbox. The Elantra Provides an assortment of the 6-speed manual along with 6-speed automatic transmissions, even whereas the Corolla Provides a more 6-speed manual and also a CVT

The petrol engine of this brand new Honda Civic will be precisely the same 1.6-liter the turbocharged unit which compels the latest cr v. It generates a maximum strength of It’s paired with a 6-speed manual transmission system.

But This time, Honda isn’t leaving any stone unturned, For the brand new Honda Civic. The petrol version of this brand new version Provides an ARAI Mileage of 26.8 km, hence rendering it offers little running costs. The Gas variant offers 16.5 kmpl.

The gas Hyundai Elantra that can be more Powerful compared to the Civic provides a rate of 14.59 km with the manual More fuel efficient compared to Civic using an ARAI mileage of 16.7 km. If it Involves distance against the gas version, it is the Civic that loves a massive guide Over your contest. In Contrast with this 26.8 kmpl Given by the sedan, That the Elantra offers just 22.54 kmpl having a manual transmission and also 18.23 kmpl With the automatic gearbox.